Chef Edgar Quesada’s professional career

Chef Edgar Quesada is, and has been, chef owner of the ¨A4MANs¨ restaurants (Sarrià de Ter, Girona, Spain), restaurant with traditional signature cuisine fused with Korean gastronomy, opened in September 2022; ¨Sobremesa¨ (Seoul, South Korea) gastronomic restaurant of Spanish cuisine 2016-2022; and ¨Girona by Sobremesa¨ (Suwon, South Korea) traditional cuisine restaurant promoting the products of our country, opened in 2020.

In 2021, he won the cooking competition (with international chefs) ¨Hello Plate¨ broadcast by Discovery Chanel in South Korea and other Asian countries.

Ambassador of his country’s gastronomy, at the Food and Film Festival Seoul (FFFS) in Seoul 2018 and 2019.

He studied cooking at the Hospitality and Tourism School of Girona in 2002 with a specialization in cookery at the University of Girona with Salvador Bruguers and Juan Roca. His learning did not end there, but in the course of his career he has been through many hotels and restaurants, always capturing the essence of each chef in order to establish and improve his own style. Starting his career at Camping Torre del Sol with Chef Christine, he has traveled a long way where he has worked with top chefs: Francesc Rovira (*Michelin la Fonda d’en Xesc), Juan Roca (3* Michelin), Pedro Subijana (3*Michelin Akelarre), Pierre Mesa (Le Compte Roger in Carcassonne) among others.

One day he bumped into chef Toni Saez, at the 4* Hotel Molí d’en Mig, in Torroella de Montgrí (chef of traditional Empordà cuisine at a high level… Hotel 5* Mas de Torrent, Hotel 4* Aiguablava, El Petit Dorado (*Michelin) in Barcelona or Akelarre 2*Michelin… among others, and currently owner of Restaurant l’Arc in Palafrugell) and decided to follow him in several projects, during which time he consolidated the foundations of what would become his own style

Respectful of tradition but always looking for a distinctive point of view, and very conceptual in original tastes (clearly reflecting the Sobremesa restaurant in Seoul). Ambassador of our gastronomy in South Korea and pioneer with the introduction of Korean cuisine in the Girona regions. He has been invited as a chef for events such as the festival: “Fiesta Spain” (the hotels: 5* Paradaise Hotel Busan & 5* Paradaise Island and Resort Incheon in South Korea 2023); or Gala dinners at the “Wine and Food Festival 2020” 5*Heavichi Hotel & Resort in Jeju South Korea.

Also, in this sense, he has disseminated the tastes for the cuisine of his country of origin in courses and cooking classes: such as those of the Sinseage Department Store in collaboration with the Cervantes Institute in the years 2016 – 2018; or those taught in Cheungjungwon (청정원) Comapany 2016; likewise, he has been the Chef of catering and private dinners at the Spanish Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, from 2015 to 2018, where he won the award for the best tapas in 2016; and has been a columnist for “Korean Air” (a Korean airline with direct flights to Spain) with the documentary “Spain through its Foods”